Who We Are?

Chrondel is a global site management organization for clinical research industry.

We partner with sites to better serve the needs of CROs & sponsors

Chrondel's teams act as a bridge between the Sponsor, CRO and the site to take each and every trial faster to next level.

What Do We Do?

Committed to answer the needs of the pharma and medical devices industries, Chrondel provide a range of SMO services to ensure the success of clinical trials in research sites

Do you need staffing for your clinical trials?

Chrondel provides experienced research staff according to your study specific needs in different levels/roles

  • At research sites: site coordinator, study nurse, technician, trainer and auditor

  • For the industry: CRA, Project manager, trainer and auditor

Our training experience, research expertise and robust IT infrastructure enables us to partner with research sites, investigators and hospital management to leverage site activities, performance, efficiency and quality.

Chrondel enables you to collaborate within flexible working models (fulltime, part-time, project based)

Do you need supply management/ equipment for your trials?

Thanks to its ancillary supply management and local procurement abilities, Chrondel provides sourcing, maintenance, return and destruction including warehousing when needed for;

  • Comparator drugs

  • Standard-of-care medications,

  • Ancillary supplies

  • Equipment (i.e freezers, temperature monitoring devices and passive shippers).

Chrondel also supports calibration services in selected countries to enhance the standardization of your trial.

Do you need to do better?

With its strong network of trainers both in-house and external; Chrondel provides trainings on following areas:


  • Medical device

  • Country Specific Regulations

  • Supply Management

  • Project Management

  • Quality System Management

How to transform your clinic into a research unit?

By its vast experience and infrastructure on quality management and IT services, Chrondel may be your partner in transformation of hospital units into research centers. As a journey walked together, Chrondel will not only be a consultant, but a partner and may help on;

  • Audits and gap identification

  • Quality System Establishment & Implementation

  • Employee trainings

  • Regular audits

In A Nutshell Our Services

Study Coordinator - Study Nurse Staffing

Site Training

Transformation of clinics into research sites

Quality Management

Sourcing Clinical Trial Materials

Supply Management

How Do We Create Value?

On top of quality SMO services, Chrondel’s vision is to contribute to the transformation of research centers; ultimately leading them to become international research centers.

Beyond a Conventional SMO

  • Chrondel adds value to the clinical research conducted by the Sponsors by maximizing patient enrollment, data quality, accuracy as well as optimizing timelines.

  • Inspired by Swiss research culture, we believe our code of conduct, systemic approach and patient centricity secure the success of clinical trials outcome

  • Proper site management plays a key role for successful patient recruitment and compliance to GCP guidelines; thus for the success of clinical trial deliverables without interruption. In Chrondel, we believe that this can only be achieved by real team work combined with technical knowledge and expertise.

  • All services managed by qualified professionals in accordance with the ICH-GCP, cGMP-annex13, GDP as well as national and international laws/regulations.

Why work with Chrondel?

  • Takes advantage of extensive experience as the pioneer of the industry and advanced know-how
    reflecting Swiss research culture.

  • Provides temporary/permenant solutions for your research infrastructure needs

  • Supports research centers on quality systems to keep them always up-to date and thus to leverage up in competition

Integrated Site Management of different processes (sourcing, staffing, training, equipment rental etc) by Chrondel leverages clinical research stakeholders to enable seamless communication, efficiency and traceability as well as time optimization.

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Chrondel Sa. Rue Mercerie 12
1003 Lausanne (VD), Switzerland

Coverage Areas:

Turkey, Balkans, Middle East , Africa